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Executive Summary

The client was faced with high monthly utility accounts specifically water. PEC Utility Management was tasked to investigate and determine the excessive water consumption for the client at The Boulders Shopping Centre. Various checks and balances were preformed to assure all relevant consumption that was able to be measured, was measured and accounted for. The exercise pointed out the discrepancy in water consumption. PEC Utility Management needed to stop the impact of the wastage while tracking the cause. PEC Utility Management developed and implemented a bulk water management solution in the form of an automated water valve controller to regulate the water flow . The control solution is managed by pre-configured schedules with remote override. The implemented solution allows for notifications according to the pre-set business rules of the client. The solution implemented by PEC Utility Management is an on-site solution and does not require a third party operator system to manage the requested business rules set by the client.

The main aim was cost saving through automated shut down functionality of the bulk water supply to the shopping centre due to excessive water wastage and continual water flow even after business hours.


This shopping centre encountered various problems relating to water consumption of the entire centre. Investigations indicated that excessive water flow was measured during the day as well as in the night. A solution had to be developed to decrease or even prohibit the flow of water to the centre during non-business hours. Water supply to fire reticulation/ hydrants system and other essential water supplies are excluded from the solution. It was not realistic to shut the main water supply manually every night and reopen the water supply early every morning. PEC Utility Management then developed and implemented the water valve controller solution with onsite communication that could automatically turn off the main water supply and reopen the main water supply. This solution also has the functionality to notify the centre manager and or operations manager via SMS notification, when the valve is closing and when the valve is re-opening. The main aim was cost saving and fault finding with automated shut down functionality of the bulk water supply to the shopping centre due to excessive water wastage and continual water flow even after business hours.

Key Features

    The water valve controller is configurable to meet the needs of a specific requirement in terms of shut-off/on schedule
  • Valve status (Open / Closed) based on override command and/or scheduled command
  • Power failure (Grid power)
  • Back-up battery voltage
  • Signal strength
  • Multiple recipients can be configured for the SMS notifications
  • Remote override from the recipient’s mobile phone for Open/ Close with automatic notification
  • Manual Emergency Override for Open/Close





Solution Benefits

  • Decreased cost in utility bulk account due to unidentified losses.
  • Our clients the owners of The Boulders Shopping Centre, the centre management, or any other stakeholder. is automatically informed via text message of any status change from the main water source.
  • Smart water meters monitor water consumption and provide profiles.
  • Clear saving in water consumption during non-operating hours.
  • Automating and optimising the recovery.
  • Ability to remotely adjust shut-off/on schedules.


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