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Executive Summary

The client had a need to effectively distribute and manage the electricity generated by the shopping centre’s generators during power failures and load shedding. PEC Utility Management developed and implemented a network solution that can sense a pulse from the main generator supply to trigger a different tariff register on all the individual electricity meters of a shopping centre. Through the metering infrastructure, tenants can be included or excluded from generator supply, without changing the electrical wiring network to the tenant. The Smart Metering network automatically switches between grid supply tariffs and power generator tariffs, simplifying the recoveries of different supply source tariffs. The solution implemented by PEC is an on-site solution and does not require a third party back end system to manage the requested business rules set by the client.


This shopping centre installed 3 x 1450 kVA generators to supply their tenants with continuous electrical supply during power failures and load shedding. The property’s management needed a solution for the effective distribution of the self-generated load to tenants who agreed to benefit from the generator power and to simultaneously exclude tenants with their own dedicated generators. The stakeholders were the landlord of Centurion Lifestyle Centre and all the tenants (103 in total). The main objective was for the tenants to advantage from the automated generator solution, whilst keeping the capital cost of potential rewiring to a minimum, and to ensure accurate recoveries of different supply sources.

Solution Benefits

  • Decreased cost of retrofitting generator inclusions and exclusions on an existing property.
  • The on-site solution enables the business rules to be implemented in real time. Load profile data will therefore be live data and will reflect 100% accuracy in terms of tariff allocation and energy management.
  • Centurion Lifestyle Centre Management, operational management, or any other stakeholder is automatically and immediately informed via text message of any status change from the main power source.
  • Tenants can be included or excluded from generator supply without any electrical rewiring needed.
  • Automating and optimising the recovery of both grid supplied electricity and generator electricity.
“PEC Utility Management’s Generator solution is reliable, automated and a great return on investment”

Operations Manager – Centurion Lifestyle

“The main aim was cost saving, reliability with automated exclusion from different generators and accurate billing between two different tariffs”

Wouter de Kock – PEC Utility Management (Pty) Ltd

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