The rainfall season in the northern parts of South Africa is slowly coming to an end and although we did experience exceptional numbers in rainfall figures for the past summer, we must remind ourselves of the importance to manage our water resources responsibly.

Water distribution networks are mainly constructed underground which causes an obvious challenge in preventing water losses and contamination. With restricted visual access to a vast network of channels and pipes it is near impossible to monitor the status of the water ways without measuring equipment.

Measurement infrastructure allows for a complete view of a water distribution network to ensure recovery of supply as well as fault detection on the network.

Water conservation is not a temporary exercise – It is a way of life!

Water Measurement Options:

  • Basic water meters are affordable and the water consumption for a specific supply point can be monitored by regular recording of the kiloliter (Kl) reading display. This is a manual process that also takes time to determine trends over certain periods, but it is better than no monitoring at all.
  • Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) refer to a combination of hardware devices and software programs that allow us to remotely retrieve, monitor and analyze data, in real time, to proactively manage an efficient water distribution network with the main goal to restrict losses – Lost water can never be recovered to the same location!

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