We are now again being reminded of the realities humans have to face when natural phenomenon challenges our existence. The COVID-19 pandemic is in all likelihood the biggest crises the entire world have been faced with as a collective in modern times! Just as our sentiment appeared to have reached unparalleled extremes with worldwide challenges including Global Warming, Economic Volatility, Terrorism and Poverty, we now face one of the biggest threats to human lives in history albeit because of the rapid spread of the virus with alarming uncertainty surrounding the development and approval of antiviral medications and vaccines to fight the virus.

It is once again apparent that humans have the ability to take hands when faced with disastrous circumstances and we are not only confident but convinced that humankind will survive this pandemic but will also need to focus on the various repercussions that we will inevitably suffer while fighting the disease!

There will unfortunately be death and economic downturn with the subsequent setbacks in personal and business circumstances. We have to use this opportunity to learn and grow by ensuring that our enhanced awareness of hygiene and mutual respect also develop our sensitivity towards all aspects of our environment that we share every day!

Water conservation is not a temporary exercise – It is a way of life!

Water Consumption Behavior:
Hygiene has never enjoyed this level of attention and should be a reminder that the sanitizing activities being proclaimed should actually be the norm. Does this mean that water consumption will in principle have to increase? Not necessarily:

  • It was surely not general knowledge to the majority of our global community that a minimum of 20 seconds are required to sanitize while washing hands with soap & water – REMEMBER TO CLOSE THE TAP AFTER APPLYING SOAP UNTILL RINSING!