The COVID-19 pandemic have had a pressing impact on standard regulations affecting our everyday lives. Although we are all influenced in many different ways creating subsequent concerns surrounding the aspects providing security in our lives, it remains essential to keep a sober mindset and focus on our responsibilities and the potential effect our actions will have in the long term.

Local Government along with municipalities have presented directives to regulation which supports uninterrupted electricity & water supply to consumers. Although this requirement may relax the revenue protection process by suspending credit control activities for a period of time, it can cause a complete catastrophe should South Africans develop a non-payment culture during a time when our national utility infrastructure is already under pressure. We cannot reverse the damage caused by the corrupt, whoever they may be, but we can rebuild our country by acting responsibly and continuing to pay for the supplies we receive.

We have the freedom to manage our consumption behavior to also save on our expenses!

Water conservation is not a temporary exercise – It is a way of life!

What can I do every day?

  • Turn off the tap when you wash your hands / brush your teeth
  • Take a shorter shower
  • Only flush toilet when necessary
  • Always use full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher
  • Fill containers with running water while waiting to heat or cool – Use to refrigerate, cook food, water plants, clean floors, fill toilet cisterns

These tips will not cost anything and only require a change in behavior to save water + save money at the same time!